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  • AGFirst Training the staff on Kentico CMS and working on a Proof of Concept Tailored to the needs of the client.
  • ATT - eCampusToursConsulting on High Availability of Kentico CMS and Best Practices
  • Bostwick Upgraded Kentico to current versions and merged 15 sites into one codebase and then split the build into one for Europe and one for the US divisions.
  • Canadian Bar AssociationAided in Server Implementation. Custom programming, Performance Analysis and Consulting with the client.
  • CBLCEntralImplemented an ecommerce solution for a national sign company to sell printed media to a national client that maintains mall properties.
  • Consumer Electronics AssociationTraining the staff at CE on Kentico developer and content administration.
  • ComputritionMigrated the client's Kentico site from a custom build from a partner's hosting platform to servers maintained by the client and re-worked the missing code from the partners platform.
  • FastsignsGeneral consulting about the project.
  • Fuse IdeasImplemented Kentico High Availability, Security, Staging on 3 tiers and more for one of their projects.
  • GenecaWorked with the design firm on various projects around the customization of Kentico CMS to fit their needs.
  • GoAupairConverted Photoshop design into Kentico templates and customized Kentico CMS to link data from Salesforce.com and build pages on the fly based on this content on a scheduled basis.
  • HulaFrogConsulting and high availability and expansion.
  • Moss AdamsConverted faulty ASPX templates into a Portal based Kentico build.
  • Nuclear Energy InstituteConsulting with the site developers on customizations and performance issues.
  • National Office FurnitureConsulted with the client on development processes and server installation.
  • National Restaurant AssociationDeveloped a Proof of Concept of the clients existing site inside Kentico CMS using the clients assets and won the contract for the sales team.
  • NYQuitsDeveloped a Proof of Concept based on the original site for NY Quits anti-smoking campaign.
  • OMDAssisted in various client issues in their customized Kentico build for upgrading to a newer build.
  • Pennsylvania LottoTrained the Staff on Kentico Content Administration and Developer Training.
  • PPG IndustriesWorked with various departments to understand how Kentico would fit the organization nationally and internationally. Generated Proof of concepts and attended onsite meetings with the client.
  • Reahard & AssociatesImplemented a remote camera recording colution into Kentico CMS for over 1000 remote sites and real time streaming.
  • RedPepperTrained the staff on Kentico Content Administration and Developer Training.
  • Recharge Solutions IntlDeveloped a CMS driven, linked Website, Commerce Gateway and Station level site/code to maintain the multi-facility installations for managing and charging electric vehicles.
  • RunzheimerConverted Photoshop Design to 85% Working site in 3 days (still needed some content).
  • Sears HoldingsUpgraded Kentico 4.0 to current rev and updated custom code in Kentico. Relocated implementation to new servers and upgraded database servers. Migrated training content to the clients new server as well.
  • Southern Education FoundationImplemented Southern Education Foundation site in Kentico and onto new servers, setup security and repurposed the ASPX templates into Hybrid ASPX/Portal Templates for easier content editing.
  • Toronto TourismWorked with the client on some performance concerns
  • West Virginia UniversityPerformance issues in custom Kentico Build, resolved server limitations and worked on the code to be more efficient.
  • Yale LocksTraining and Consulted with the staff to implement the new Yale Locks site for Residential and Commercial.


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